Made in 2020 - this untitled canvas board is 6x6 in size and the acrylic paint was blown across the…

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Made in 2017 - "Retro Nostalgia" is a 12x12 canvas and has glitter, blues pinks and black that feels somehow…


Made in 2020 - "Purple Dreams" is a 9x12 canvas board dip painting. I used a lot of paint for…


"Calliope" is an abstract piece I made in 2018 and was trying to explore  different ways of expressing texture among…



"Catalyst" is an acrylic pour painting and blown out with a hairdryer that I created in the summer of 2020.…


This abstract art was created with the open cup method of acrylic pouring. Unofficially titled "Awesomesauce" because it's what I…


I made this painting 2020 and call it “Metallikos” because of the awesome metallic turquoise paint. This is a small…


This is an acrylic pour that's been slightly color tweaked in Photoshop to gives off an awesome tropical vibe.


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