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Reformulation – Original Painting

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“Reformulation” is dirty flip cup on an 8×10. Dirty cup pours can be hit or miss which is part of the thrill of doing them. I also feel like dirty cup pours are very close to resembling my brain. I have all these thoughts, sometimes separate and coherent but other times — and often times these days — they get all jumbled together and are a right mess. And sometimes the jumbled mess ends up looking more amazing together than separately.

I can pour any or all the random colors I have left mixed from previous pours or things I’ve mixed up for future pours and I just dump them into a single cup. Sometimes the colors bleed together and make mud depending on the colors used and other times they remain separate. I have a little bit of control in the order that I dump the colors into the cup but after that I’m trusting the paint to flow into something that looks interesting. I have a lot more dirty cup fails than I have successes.

“Reformulation” is one of those instances where it looks much better than I thought it would be when I was adding colors to my cup. It’s still very messy, very jumbled, but in a unique way that brings a new perspective to your state of mind when looking at it.


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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 10 × .625 in


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